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Flamenco Clothing with Art Choose your leotard, skirt and your dress of Flamenco and our national artist "Lola Pinel" paints the colors and shapes that you like. Personalized print and handicraft, for your performance, for a dance group in a unique performance. An image in dance, worth more than a thousand words.

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Hand Fan - Pericón with Art Hand Fan pericones manufactured in pine, resistant. The closed measurement is 26 cm. Hand painted by the Spanish artist Lola Pinel internationally recognized, for castanuelas.com. Accessory for flamenco dance. Complement to relieve the heat with elegance. Different and practical gifts. Fan colorful, and timeless style.

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Manila Shawl with Art Shawl in acrylic fabric, with peak, hand painted by international artist Lola Pinel for castanuelas.com. Original clothing. The handicraft decor shines through the bright touches. Flamenco dance, the Andalusian foklore or accessory at a social event.

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Hat Cañero Special Wool

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Hat Cañero Wool Child

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Hat Cañero Wool Man

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Natural Straw Hat

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The Shawl with Silk and Art Shawl fabric crape, silk fringes and peak, hand painted by international artist Lola Pinel for castanuelas.com. Personalized Shawl. Choose the color of the fabric and decoration you like, and elaborate shawl with your personal art. Essential complement for the dancer and flamenco singer. Clothing with identity.

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Mantilla Madroñera Jingle bells from Macarena Flamenco accessory made by hand in the color you like. Measures for placing the mantilla in the hair on the comb 1.40 centimeters long by 84 centimeters wide. Madroños and rhombuses throughout the surface. Approximate manufacturing time of 5 weeks. Write us and we confirm the details at info@castanuelas.com

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