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Regional Castanets - Spanish Folklore online |

Regional Castanets - Spanish Folklore 

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Spanish Castanets Own Name In we apply the technique of laser printing to immortalize your words in your wooden castanets. A gift with identity, loaded with art, flamenco, folklore, dance. Message engraved on fire.

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22,00 €

Regional Castanets. Mallorquina Imitation "Ebony". Castanets for Spanish folklore. With special design, to touch on the stylized dance "Bolero Mallorquín" in "Bolero Algodre" Zamora, among many traditional dances. Made of wood "Ebony", richly nuanced percussive, with a beautiful image, warm and exotic - folk.

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26,19 €

Regional Castanets. Olivo Mallorquina. Castanets "spiritual" in the that accompany dances. Made of olive wood with a color full of light, stands the authenticity of the Mallorquina. The castanets, stars of the dance, pattering over the years will continue from generation to generation, along with dancing, costumes, rhythm. The castanet is history.

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29,17 €

Regional Castanets Mallorquina Bubinga. Traditional castanets made of bubinga wood, historic design, elegant image and richness of sound. The folk dancer and castanets are the perfect couple, they get synchronized and rhythmic splendor of dance. Musical instrument with indefinite pitch height, which sets the pace in all dances.

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30,71 €

Regional Castanets Mallorquina Granadillo Brown. Castanets made musical accompaniment for Spanish folklore dances. Made in beautiful brown grenadilla wood. The fusion of colorful costumes, rich hues of the castanets, the steps of the dancers, regional the feast become a memory that etches in each sense.

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36,70 €

Regional Castanets Charras. Castanets "mythical" marking the charro folklore style. Made of wood. The design of each element of the castanets Charras retains original ancestral forms. In jotas, charros, fandangos, charradas in Salamanca folk dancing, rhythm accompanying dancer with castanets.

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43,71 €

Regional Castanets Lorquinas Olive Tree. Palillos made to accompany regional dances in Spain. Made of olive wood, wood veining with artistic drawings by his colorful irregular. Protagonists of folklore, for his percussion, accompanies the dancers and other instruments, achieving a true spectacle full of color, style, rhythm.

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47,10 €

Regional Castanets Lorquinas Apricot Tree. Castanets especially designed to accompany folk dancing Murcia: Parranda. Malagueña, Enredás, Seguidillas, Jota. Made of apricot wood, hardwood with clear and vibrant percussion. The color stands out for its natural shine.

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52,43 €

Regional Castanets Lorquinas Purple Castanets designed to accompany their national folklore percussion. Made of bubinga wood, which have their peculiar reddish brown with purple veins. Durable and resistant timber. Given the infinite posticeos reproduce the castanets, as protagonists of regional dances.

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56,13 €

Regional Castanets Lorquinas Granadillo Brown. Castanets designed for native dance. Made of grenadilla wood, that as time passes, it becomes warmer their percussion. Resistant wood, dark brown lightly veined. Its peculiar ringing sound, lovely notes mark the rhythm of folklore.

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60,53 €

Regional Castanets Mallorquina. Granadillo Black. Castanets to touch in the traditional dances of the Spanish regions. Designed especially for the Mallorcan folklore, as in the traditional "Ball de Bot". Made in black grenadilla wood, natural beauty, with which each is unique castanet aesthetically, for the drawings of the streaks and tonal variety.

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60,98 €

Castanets Regional Mallorquina Fiber. Castanets magic that symbolize the culture of the Spanish people, developed in their folklore. Made with a combination of specific fibers, which are achieved with castanets infinite time. His image dark, stylized with the peak and resistance, allowing the dancer to show off their moves most established in the memory.

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63,64 €
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