Regional Castanets - Spanish Folklore 

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Castanets Regional Mallorquina Tela. Artistic Castanets. They accompany, with percussion, in national folklore dances. Made of cotton impregnated with resins, strong and durable material, which has a great energetic sound to the ears. Between jumping and swerving waistlines, castanets Mallorquina enhance the taste to enjoy traditional.

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Castanets Regional Mallorquina Fiberglass. Castanets "genuine" setting the pace in Spanish folk dances. They are manufactured with paper and resin combination, high precision. These castanets offer direct percussion rhythmic high vibration. In the "Ball of the Offer", in the "Bolero des vermar", on Jota. The castanet is folklore.

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Castanets Black Fabric Marbled, the "Jotera" Made with a proportionate combination of thin sheets of white paper, thin cotton cloths and composed of special resins. Designed for dancing Jota, for joteros dancers. Marbled white is a different detail. Stresses the size of your soundboard. Sound and bronco scenic enveloping the stage.

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Castanets Jota Caramelo, la Dolores

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Castanets Regional Ibicencas. Popular castanets representing the essence of the traditional dances. They are made of wood. The design curves retain their original forms, stresses its large size. Castanets Ibicencas to enjoy the typical "Ball Pagès" Curta Sa, Sa Llarga, Sa Filera, Ses rodades Nous.

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Regional Castanets Cabuts. Magisterial castantes made of wood. Designed to accompany regional dances. With strong percussion, dancing harmonize their touches. Legends, proverbs, superstitions, customs, rituals, colors, music ... The values of a culture that inherit different generations, are a reflection of respect and enjoy the authentic vital.

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Special Black Fabric Castanets, the Jota. Spanish castanets made fabric, greater strength, or fiber. Stands out as the greatest castanet sounding gives sound harsh and intense temper. Orejilla small, light weight, touch response. Castanet appreciated for the folk dance of the Jota.

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Regional Castanets Scallop of Compostela

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Castanets Special Jota Caramelo, the Fiera

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